Fear is your limit

Hidden GreatnessWhen I was a little boy I had wanted to become a truck mechanic. I grew up in a busy environment where huge trucks, black sticky oil and greasy hands and faces, bare-footed men who had gone under truck chassis, were commonplace.

Whenever my dad brought us out for some errands, I always got fascinated looking at technical schools like the Guzman and the Samson Institute of Technology. I told myself way then that that’s where I’d take up diesel mechanic.

I failed to become the mechanic that I aspired to become. Luckily, though, I have grown to become a professional accountant, working in a manufacturing company.

I was among the many CPAs who were privileged to attend at Insights’ testimonial dinner held more than a week ago. I have long wanted to move up the ladder, but sadly it seems that I will forever be stuck to doing just supervising the accounts payable team in the department. I barely passed the CPA exams almost a decade ago, and to aspire to become a CIA or a CMA seems herculean if not downright impossible. Thanks to Insights candidates for sharing their CMA exam experiences, it looked like I am also headed to where they want to go.

The fear of failure has restricted my full potential for a long, long time now. With God’s abundant grace I know that I, too, can succeed if I will focus on preparing for this new path.

Right now, the fear that used to be my enemy is now an accidental ally, for I intend to use this fear of failure to fuel my desire to pass the exams. To pass the exams, I know it will be lots of work for an ordinary CPA (I scored an average “perfect” 75 by the way in my CPA exams) like me.

I am wearing my game-face now, so bring it on! I am determined to face my fears. I don’t want to stay “hoping and dreaming, and keeping my mind busy with the what-ifs”; I want to start believing, and soon…. achieving.

“The greatest failure you can have in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.”