Renelito Tangkay, CPA, CMA

CMA_Renelito TangkayRenelito D. Tangkay is an Accountancy graduate from University of Cebu. Because of poverty and a broken family, he worked on different jobs from high school to college. Despite the odds, he emerged a valedictorian both in Elementary & High School.

After graduating from high school, he immediately went to the city to enroll in college underestimating the difficult college life ahead. Although self-supporting student was hard, he managed to finish his course for he believed that education is the key to success.

After graduating from college, he applied in a Boracay Island–bound job wherein he worked for various bars, hotels and restaurants. After years of working and living in Boracay, he ventured in a small travel agency, Simple Travel & Leisure (

On May 2013, he passed the CPA Board Exams in style, 9 years after graduating from college and a 6-month self-review. In October of the same year, he passed the CMA Parts 1 and 2 examinations, thus becoming a CPA & CMA in same year.

He’s currently practicing Accounting & Consultancy Profession in Boracay Island.