Section Content and Breakdown

There are two types of questions given in the examinations, i.e. the multiple choice questions (MCQ) and the task-based simulations (TBS). For BEC, written communication task replaces the TBS.

Both FAR and AUD sections consist of 4-hour exam, while candidates complete the REG and BEC parts each over 3 hours.

There are a total of four testlets in each section, three of which are MCQ type (either 24 or 30 items), and one TBS (written communication task for BEC). Candidates are required to answer seven simulations for FAR and AUD (six TBS for REG), and three written communication tasks for BEC.

Testlets are groups of questions that are constructed to appear together. The first three testlets are in MCQ format, and the last testlet being the TBS. Candidates are allowed to navigate within the same testlet, but must finish and exit from a testlet before continuing on to the next.