Born To Triumph

DE JESUS, GELY ANN C.In 14 years of intellectual struggle, every onion-skinned diploma is worth it. But what is even more rewarding and sweeter is to pass an internationally recognized certification exam like the 2-part examination of the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Program!

Why would you settle for less if you can have the best?” This is what my parents always tell me that entail not just an investment of money but your whole life as well. I did very well during the last 10 years of my stay in the academe applying that principle that my parents taught me. However, I remembered failing many times during college and I started to lose confidence – confidence that I can be back on track again; confidence that I can still take the other route; worse, I started to doubt that I was born to triumph.

Always believe in yourself or else no one does”. The moment I learned that I could no longer proceed with my program in Accountancy, I started to lose hope. It felt like it was the end of my dream of becoming a title holder. I thought passing the CPA board examination was the only stairway to success as an accountant. I was completely wrong when I learned about that prestigious title – the CMA credential. At the outset I thought it was that simple. Considering the fees and other related expenses, I already bid goodbye to becoming a CMA.

Totally confused, after I got my degree in Management Accounting, I started to look for jobs. It was sad to think that those with professional licenses get most of the privileges of getting employed. They can get higher salary grade, better position and most importantly, the respect and admiration from your employers and other business professionals.

Best things come to those who wait”. While waiting, God has sent me an Angel to fulfill my dreams. Deciding wasn’t made easy. I was totally afraid to risk my time, effort and money. I was afraid to FAIL again. I was afraid that if I fail, where would I go? But then, I took the risk and let God’s grace took over. Six months of review can be converted to six months of being employed, and employee-regularization follows afterward. I did think about it and I got myself enrolled.

For every attendance of review session, I think about working days. For every discussion we had, I think about the group meetings I could have had. For every computation we made, I think about the salary I could have had. For every question I had asked to our instructors, I think about the answers to my worries. I felt so restless. It was a week before my Part 1 exam that I started working in a bank. I felt somehow relieved that no matter what my CMA journey result is, I know FAILURE will not taste that bad. With this, my CMA journey became shakier. I need to add effort, subtract laziness, multiply the food intake and divide my time.

If God is with me, who can be against me?” God is my number one companion during this battle that I know I can win. I know I can win because I was surrounded by great people who walked with me throughout this journey. I know I can win because I have an Angel whose presence is much felt although He’s thousand miles away. I know I can win because I have my loved ones whose faith in me remains sturdy. Lastly, I know I can win because I learned to trust myself again.

Heading for GoalThree months of extensive review, and three months of reviewing while working are worth it. I can’t wait to add that three-lettered credential after my name. I am forever grateful that I am brave enough to take the road less traveled. I will never get tired of retelling my story to others and inspire those who share the same sentiments that I have. One thing I learned is that “Don’t be afraid to take the risks. If you fail, you didn’t actually fail, you just become wiser. If you win, you have no regrets!”


The author, Gely Ann De Jesus, is a Management Accounting graduate of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas in April, 2014. She passed the 2-part certification exam for CMAs in 2014 with a total of just under 6 months preparation. She is currently employed at BPI Makati.


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