CMA, A Journey Worth Taking

Kenji Asano Jr.As a Licensed Accountant and a Masters Degree holder, I kept searching for further challenges that will make me not only a better accountant but also an excellent decision maker. Criteria such as international certification, in-depth analysis, and competitive skills are the main factors which influenced me to explore the world of CMA, the Certified Management Accountant. This certification and further studies challenged me to develop not only my scientific skills but more on my analytical ability to weigh each decision possibility and its effects.

Moving to reach my goal and dream, I had come across Mr. Angel Secerio Jr., Program Director of the exclusively accredited CMA review course provider in the Philippines, the Insights Financial Review Services. With Sir Angel and through Insights, I have come closer to my dreams to become a CMA professional in the world of work. Insights have pushed, shared and even accompanied me through my step by step registration, learning, and even processing my certification with IMA. Insights had been my close friend as I battle my difficult time management skills balancing my CMA study for the two-part examination and of course my incumbent corporate work.

As I had poured in my time, energy and even social schedules in preparing for my CMA examination, Insights helped me through its review lectures, accredited CMA books and materials, the Wiley CMA Learning System, and also evaluation examinations to test whether I am prepared for my final battle.

After all my efforts had been put into this CMA certification, I successfully and completely passed the 2-part CMA certification program last February 28, 2014. I am now bearing the certificate to put the suffix “CMA” annexed to my name. I am now more confident and competitive to be an asset not only of my company but also the greatest organization in my life…my family. I have upgraded my level of knowledge in the fields of finance, cost accounting, economics, and the most important, critical decision making. Thus, as I occupy a vital responsibility in my organization, I am now fully equipped to serve and lead as a Certified Management Accountant.

Thank you Sir Angel, Insights and of course to my family and friends who have been part of this worth taking journey!


Kenji Asano, Jr.

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