CMA, A Title Once Only A Vision

Julie Ann OroscoWhat started only as a vision has now become a reality.  With the increase in the number of professionals in the finance and accounting industry, constant learning and update is critical to maintain one’s competitive edge.  Taking an international license not only shows your mastery and knowledge on the subject matter, but also indicates your commitment to excellence in the global sense.  With a number of certifications to choose from, it is but natural to be confused on which path to take.  But one thing’s certain, be it CIA, CMA, CFA, CISA and the likes, each is very promising, it will just depend on what you love doing the most.

Being an auditor, a financial analyst, and now, a management accountant, I have realized that analyzing data and reporting it for management has been one of the most enjoying and fulfilling things for me.  During these days, I met Mr. Angel Secerio, the executive director of the Insights Financial Review Services, a professional review course provider for US CPA, CIA and CMA in Manila.  Like a stray cat, he took me in as a student and gave me the opportunity to push through the management accountant career.

Having graduated and passed the CPA licensure exam in 2009, it has already been four years since I read my textbooks and review materials.  What I’ve been reading these days are just magazines, fiction books and online news articles.  Hence, picking up where I left off and moving on to study mode has been a bit hard for me as I now have my work schedule to consider.  Good thing with Insights, my review mates were mostly working as well; so, we share the same sentiment.  As such, we helped motivate each other, on top of Sir Angel’s constant reminder, to endure and push through with the path we’ve chosen.  With the weekly Sunday lecture session at Insights, at least an hour per day of online examinations, periodic comprehensive assessments; I was able to make it through the 2-part CMA examinations.

Having blessed with this new CMA title, I am more driven and excited to share this management-level skills and expertise to add value and drive business performance that can contribute to the success of the organization I am with.  I know that this is only the start, but being part of the Institute of Management Accountants, I am fairly sure that my knowledge and career opportunities will expand with their best practices to maintain their members’ competitive advantage.

As a last note, I would like to give my big thanks to our Almighty Father for this wonderful blessing; as well as to Insights, Sir Angel, my reviewers, my review mates, my family and friends for sharing this bumpy yet fulfilling CMA path with me.


Julie Ann Orosco, CPA, CMA

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