Comeback is Real!
Li-Anne M. Serrano – CPA, CMA

As an avid player of video and computer games, the phrase “comeback is real” is never new to me. For us, gamers, it is just an expression we use whenever we get in a situation of seemingly losing the battle but in the later part, we get on top of our game even to a point of achieving victory. But, that’s just in the virtual world. Little did I know I would actually apply that phrase in my real life.

Last October 2016, I took the CPA Board Examinations and unfortunately, I failed one subject, Taxation. I was so devastated and frustrated with myself. Even if it was only one subject, I still wasn’t able to achieve the CPA title. I had so many plans and dreams but all went down the drain, along with my self-esteem.

But being an optimistic and competitive person, I eventually regained my composure and started thinking of how to pick myself up. Of course, I decided to retake Taxation on the next CPA boards season but because of my failure, I was much more driven and eager. I aimed higher. I wanted to become better. Then I remembered receiving a text after the CPA results came out from a senior of mine in college, now a CPA, who happens to be gamer as well. He encouraged me to stay positive despite what happened and his last line was “sabi nga sa DotA, comeback is real.” So, I told myself, if I really want to make a comeback, better make it flashy.

Then an idea struck me. Ever since in my college years, I had this plan of becoming a CMA but at that time, I was not so serious about it because I was focused on becoming a CPA first. So I thought, “Why not take CMA exam now? Maybe the reason why I didn’t pass the boards because I am made for something bigger and maybe this is it.”

So I started researching about how to become a CMA. And I have to admit, I have almost given up on the goal because it was very intimidating and I didn’t know how the process works or how or where to start. But it seems God really wanted me to continue because when I was so lost, He made a way.

I suddenly remembered that my high school batchmate who graduated college from UST posted on facebook sometime in April 2016 that she passed the CMA exam. So I stalked her fb account and saw that post. There, I found Insights Financial Review Services, the approved CMA course provider in the Philippines. I immediately sent a friend request and after a few minutes, got accepted. Then the Insights account sent me a message. I took the opportunity to express my interest about taking the CMA exam. They asked for my phone number and called me. The person on the other end of the line explained everything to me about CMA. And the funny thing was, throughout the conversation, I didn’t know who I was talking to. So when we were just about to finish, I asked for his name. And it was Sir Angel Secerio.

After the phone call, I was filled with awe. Not only because I actually talked with the managing director of Insights himself but also because I felt that God had indeed sent an angel to let me know that this is where I’m meant to be, that I’m really destined to become a CMA.

Eventually, I discussed my plans with my parents and they were very supportive of my endeavor. Not long after, I started my review in Makati.

My CMA journey had its own ups and downs. There were times that I was very determined and ready to take on anything but there were also instances that I felt so pressured and stressed. Maybe it was because the CPA boards traumatized me. I didn’t want to experience failure again. But with the help of constant prayer, our mentors and my newfound friends, I was able to cope up with the challenge. Then came February 2017, I had taken CMA Part 1 and Part 2 exams. Then it was in April when I received an email from IMA re my exam scores. Finally, by God’s grace, I passed both parts of the CMA examination.

As of writing, I am also done retaking my taxation and just waiting for the results, positive and hopeful.

So you see, in life, some things don’t go according to your plan. There will be times that you think everything is just so wrong, so out of place. But always have faith in yourself and in God, for He said: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And when you fail, stumble and fall down, get up and say “comeback is real!”

About the Author:

Li-Anne M. Serrano is a 2016 graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the Bicol University. Out to prove her true worth, she took the 2-Part CMA examination in Feb. 2017 with under four months exam preparation.