Dream BIG. Aim High!

Grad_Kristel Mae SisonTo achieve a goal, you don’t just need to dream for it but rather you must work hard for it. It will never be always about being lucky or being at the right place and the right time. You don’t need to blame other people for your failures because it is you alone that will decide on what will happen and where will life takes you. In reality, destiny don’t really exist. Life depends on how you will live it.

I faced a lot of challenges that resulted in failures but I always put into my mind that every problem will always have a solution. I am a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate at Divine Word College of Laoag as Cum Laude. Before I attained such goal, I was once a failure who wasn’t able to pass the retention policy of a university in our province; yes it was very heartbreaking. But this little tough girl dreamed to be a Certified Public Accountant and she won’t let anything to hinder that dream. I transferred to another institution, a new environment, unsure of what might happen but deep in my heart, though I will be taking a different route I know that I will be in the same place where I want that I should be. It wasn’t easy but as they say, the more you work for it, the more worthy the result would be.

When I was in college, I was one of the participants of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants-Ilocos Norte Chapter annual celebration. During this event, one of the speakers talked about taking the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) examination and the great opportunities that one could get upon having this international certification. But the CMA dream faded for a while for I need to prepare myself for the review for the Certified Public Accountant examination. With all the patience, hard work, and prayers, I was able to pass the CPA Board examination last October 2015. The cloud nine feeling was so overwhelming but I wanted more. Right after passing the CPA Board examination I decided to continue my dream CMA Certification.

With the right support system, taking the CMA Examination becomes less difficult. I had my self-study review with the materials given to me by Insights Financial Review. After about 3 months preparation I took both exam parts in succession last February 2016 and passed the said exam. It wouldn’t be possible to succeed and pass the exam without the all-out support of my family specially my mother, to Jonathan who keeps on believing and inspiring me, my friends, to Kuya Randell Dalire for all the tips and answering all my thousands of queries, to Sir Angel who guided me along the way, to Insights Financial Review, and above all to Our Almighty Creator for giving me strength and wisdom to win this journey.

I am hoping that I may serve as an inspiration to those who want to take the CMA Examination and to all of those who dream to become globally certified accountants. Nothing is impossible to a heart that is willing to do everything to be able to reach a goal and succeed. Never stop dreaming.  When you already reach a goal, aim for something higher and bigger. Aim for those you think you think you cannot achieve and challenge yourself. There may be a lot of obstacles and failures that may come your way but with God’s grace and one’s willingness, you will complete your journey. Believe in yourself that you can and claim it!


About the Author: Kristel Mae Sison is a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate of Divine Word College of Laoag. She passed the CPA Board examination last October 2015 and passed the two-part CMA Examination last February 2016. She is currently the Consultant of the Governor of Ilocos Norte on Youth Affairs.

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