Rommel Valente – CPA, CMA

“Dream, not because you need it but because you want it.”

These are the words that I always live by.

I still remember when I just finished High School; I wanted to become an Accountant someday like my parents who were both CPAs. So, I took the chance at the most well-known universities in the Philippines by taking their respective entrance examinations. I chose the University of Santo Tomas (UST) because my elder brother was also enrolled there taking up Electronics and Communications Engineering course.

My first year in college was fun and the least stressful of my 4-year stay at UST. I was full of determination in pursuing my dreams at that time. On my second year, my subjects became more challenging but I managed to pass them all with average grades.

Our College conducted a retention examination after the second year to determine the required quota in which selected number of students will be chosen to continue the Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSA) degree in the third year. The selection was based on the score performance and those who will not be accommodated due to the quota requirement will be transferred to the BS Management Accounting degree.

To cut the long story short, I was not able to continue in the BSA program and was transferred to the BSMA program. Of course, I felt very sad and disappointed. Yesterday, I was full of big dreams then suddenly I started to lose interest on everything. I told myself that I’ll just finish the course then leave for the United States (U.S.) to look for a job and forget all my frustrations. I worked in the U.S. for one-and-a-half year.

One afternoon, while I was on lunch break at work, I was browsing something on Facebook when I saw the profile page of Insights Financial Review Services (Philippines). I read that they are offering a review program for the U.S. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Certification.  I sent a message to inquire about the program and I was referred to Sir Angel V. Secerio, Jr., who was the Managing Director of Insights, and he provided me with all the important details that I should know about the program. Sir Angel was very nice and responsive to all my queries.

On my way home that day, I decided to go to a mountain-view area near our place. I just wanted to breathe some fresh air and think if going back to the Philippines for the CMA review will be worth it because this meant I have to resign from my job.

I decided to go back to the Philippines and pursue my dream.

The CMA review was not easy. From Monday to Friday, I started studying from 9am to 10pm at home. On Saturdays, I attended the review class and took the comprehensive examinations. Sundays were my only rest day.

Nervous and pressured at the same time, I kept having doubts if I would be able to pass the CMA 2-Part Exam. Luckily, I passed the examinations! It’s all because I worked hard and disciplined myself to be diligent on my studies. Above all, I know God answered my prayers and rewarded me for my hard work.

About the Author:

Rommel Valente, a BS Management Accounting graduate from University Of Santo Tomas (UST), was once a big CMA dreamer who currently resides in United States to fulfill his dreams of becoming a very successful professional so that he can repay all the sacrifices his family made for him.