Dum Spiro, Spero!

Alden ChuidianI’ve planned to take the CMA examination out of frustration at first, which eventually turned out to be a fruit of a molded perspective as time goes by. Let’s go back to where it started.

Timer starts in 3, 2, 1…

I was a graduate of University of Perpetual Help – Molino Campus, a business high school. One of the subjects offered was bookkeeping. As days go by, I am starting to enjoy the thrill of the subject and made me think that I should take a course that is related to this, and that made me choose Accountancy. Because of proximity and specialty, I’ve decided to enroll in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. Unfortunately, after taking up Partnership and Corporation subject, I came short in reaching the quota grade and later on shifted to Management Accounting course. It was never part of the plan. I told myself “I’ll just finish this, then I’ll be back in conquering the CPA path.” I’ve underestimated my new program, for I was blinded by the fact that this was never what I’ve wanted in life in the first place. Later on, I can see that this shift from where I was, to where am I at the moment, was in fact a blessing. I became the Class President, Vice President of JPAMA, and representative for different seminars and meetings. Those positions that I’ve held led me to meet Sir Angel Secerio, the President of the IMA Philippines Chapter and founder of Insights Financial Review Services. He discussed what CMA is all about, and the opportunities that await us after graduation. That dinner meeting filled my stomach with good food, as well as my entirety with motivation to pursue the CMA credential.

During the review, we were told to use an alias. I was a having a hard time choosing one, for I want something that could assure me no one would know it was mine. Until I thought of my sister, Ma. Ivy Zamora. She was the one who supports my education ever since, because our mother had retired at an early age. Php 65,000 fee is a no joke and that made me realize to think of something related to my sister, a thing that would let me be reminded of her so that I would really take this examination seriously. I chose POISON IVY, a batman film character.

Sleepless nights, anxiety, lost motivation, fear… these were the things that I did NOT experience. Yes, you read it right, I didn’t. Despite the fact that this exam was described as a giant, I was not afraid at all because of Philippians 4:6, which serves as one of my life verses. My co-candidates were way ahead of me in terms of finishing the review materials. Many of them even threw questions to each other that I do not have an idea with, but still I’ve remained calm. Some of them decided to rent a dorm, stop playing games they used to play, miss some hangouts and reunions with family and friends but in my case, I didn’t. The reason why is not that I boast, that I can do everything better than anybody, but because I want to conquer this exam being myself. I am not a person who would stay late at night just to study these materials. I am a gamer. I love having moments with my friends and relatives. I highly respect the diligence and effort of my co-candidates for their willingness to sacrifice a portion of their lives just to accomplish this mission. But at the end of the day, why would I compare myself with others when I am the one who would sit in front of the computer and answer those deadly questions? They can do it their way; I can do it my way as well.

Part I. Checked! I’ve considered this success as a gift to all the doubters who kept on thinking that there’s a problem in me. I don’t want to curse them, but I want to thank them for this. Without them, I wouldn’t be this motivated and determined to ace this exam. This is also a gift to my instructors, both DLSU-D and Insights, for their utmost support all throughout my journey.

Part II. Checked! This one’s for my parents and friends who never stopped pushing me not just to, but through my limits. This is also offered to a 7-year old neighbor who died during the time of my review (wherever you are, this one’s for you bro, I know you’re happy with Him now).

“Dum spiro, spero” is a Latin term meaning “While I breathe, I hope.” As we all know, problems in life did not come to stay, they have come to pass. I may have failed before, but I’ve continued to stay strong and believe in His plans. There are multiple choices as to how we’ll make our lives the way we wanted it to be. Study again, work, rest, etc. As in my case, I’ve decided to take the CMA examination. Upon coming up with a decision, we need to fill in the blanks with the tools needed; effort, perseverance, positive mindset, confidence, and most especially, prayers. Along with these things, there is a need for an identification of who we really are. We don’t need to copy others; we just need to be ourselves. Let us establish the blueprint of our future; who we are, what we have to do, and what we wanted to be. Think of your life as an essay to be submitted to other people. Would they give you a perfect score? Would they be inspired? As long as the ink’s dropping, keep writing.

Life is a big book of knowledge and inspiration meant to be read by other people. Many failures and disappointments may come along the way, but they are powerless against a determined heart. As long as you’re breathing, keep fighting! I may have not been able to pursue the CPA journey, but I got something else to cherish and be proud of… the CMA title. This all happened because of Him. Without God, we are nothing.

And now, to whoever reads this, figure out for yourself if you really wanted to take this challenge. If yes, all you need to do is be still, have faith in Him, and believe in yourself.




CMA Passer, 2015

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