From Oblivious to Finding my Mark
Mark Jason Te – CPA, CMA

I started out as a fresh face, oblivious to the daily activities of the corporate world. That phase ended when I was introduced to a fellow professor of mine in the university. Every session he would initiate the lecture by asking the class how our day went. Good or bad, it was amazing how we all connected, it was as if the Great Berlin wall broke down and we were comforted by an everyday warmth of laughter and learning. This just goes to show that once an immense passion is brought up, an immense passion to teach, to learn, to grow and to connect; it will eventually be reciprocated to you.

At this time you would’ve already been doubting how this is all related to my CMA journey. I don’t blame you, but let me continue.

I was just an average college student struggling my way to get a passing mark, it was considerably challenging yet I found myself wanting to learn so I kept asking questions and once I did, I was drawn to the complexity of accounting and finance and how businesses revolve around these two important aspects of our lives.

I was determined to not just only pass but to win, not just only to lose little but to win big; for that I needed a reason to be better and my drive for my successes has always been my family. Their everyday struggle to earn has been my everyday drive to become the best of who I am. I started to do research on how I can broaden my skills and be a full pledged professional ready for combat.

Luckily, the university was providing a CMA program, which I  was doubtful at first. I mean, come on, if you were asked to spend half a hundred thousand pesos on a license, wouldn’t you be at least curious at what the program is all about and if the program is, in fact, legitimate? I know I would.

I did a background check and eventually decided to enroll myself in it. It was difficult at first but once I got the discipline of making it a habit to study everyday and to remind myself of my reason to succeed, I was able to pass both exams on the same testing window.

A simple tip for people who are on their CMA journey,“ Know what you want and why you want it.” It must not only be a want. You have to find that hunger and resolve; and in a few months time, I believe you’ll also reach your destination.

About the Author:

Mark Jason Te is a graduate of Management Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas, with goals of being financially literate in the cities of Hong Kong while taking care of his family in the process.