From Rain to Rainbow-My CMA Story

Grad Pic - Katherine Prades“If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.” – John Green

As a student, failing a subject will make you sad. But what if, you fail the course program itself? Devastated? Disappointed? Felt like it’s the end of the world?

Back when I was in college, I was once a student from the BS Accountancy program. I thought that after five years, I will be one of the graduates of this course and will soon have that “CPA” after my name. I always dreamed that someday, my face will be printed in one of the big tarpaulins posted in our university congratulating me for passing a board exam, but things changed during the following years. Sadly, I was out of the program after my second year in college. Seeing my parents disappointed was one of the most painful thing for me. During those times, I felt that my dreams were already shattered.

But I know God will not let me down after this circumstance. I decided to pursue being an accountant by taking and finishing BSBA major in Management Accounting. During my last year in college, we had an orientation about the opportunities we may face after graduation and one of these is becoming a “CMA”— Certified Management Accountant. It was Insights Financial Review Services Inc. who gave us details on the different breaks that are waiting for us once we got the title. I felt excited when I heard about this credential. I know that being a CMA will give me an edge to the competition we will face once we finished our studies. Aside from my tarpaulin dream, another dream will be also achieved: an extension to my last name that 3- letter credential, CMA. Despite the high costs, my parents still supported me. Just like what business majors said, “High risk, high return.”

After graduation, I started to review. Scanning through the pages of very thick materials, I asked myself if I can really do this. But there is something inside my mind saying, “You can! You will!” After all, we had very good professors in our university who trained and taught us very well in our subjects. I first took the Part 2 exam. Two months of intensive review was given for this part. I felt that the period given was too short for the said exam. But with God’s grace, despite the short period of time for the review, I passed the Part 2 exam last June 29, 2015.

But things were different for Part 1. I admit, this part was harder for me than the Part 2 exam. Although the preparation time for this part was longer than the Part 2, I got really a hard time reviewing. It came to a point that I started to doubt myself for passing the exam. But still, I told myself to not give up. I needed to change my study habits. I practiced answering MCQs and essays.  And with God’s grace, as I look into my results last November 12, 2015 at around 2:30 in the morning, I cried out loud when I learned that I also passed the Part 1 exam last September 30, 2015.

Answering two 100-question exams was the 200 hardest questions for me. Hoping and waiting that after tackling the 100 MCQs the essay section would show (thank God not a survey) felt like forever to me. But every hard question, the hoping and waiting that I encountered, it was ALL WORTH IT. This made me realize, that God did not give up on me. He already knew that becoming a CPA was not for me. He needed me to experience failures so that He can divert me into somewhere He knew would be best for me.

So my advice for people who also want to pursue CMA, give your 100% effort in preparing for the exams. CMA exams are not easy so you need to work hard for it. It’s like courting someone; you need to give your effort in order for that someone to say “Yes!” to you.

Aside from studying, PRAY. Asking guidance from the Lord will help you feel relieved from all the anxieties.

I would like to thank all people who helped me conquer this journey.

First, the Lord, Our Almighty God for always being there for me and for making me realize things through His blessings.

My family, well of course aside from the funds given (haha!), for supporting me in this journey.

Our instructors from Insights, for refreshing my mind and preparing me as I took my road in becoming a CMA.

To Sir Angel and Ma’am Maricar for giving me advices as I encountered problems along the way.

My friends, who stood as my support system as we fought our way through this journey.

And as I end this, I am proudly saying that I, Katherine Jimenez Prades, am already a CMA Passer!


About the author: Katherine J. Prades belonged to the class of 2015 graduates of BSBA major in Management Accounting of De La Salle University- Dasmarinas. She’s part of the second batch of CMAs of DLSUD.

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