Fruit of Good Labor
Jane Janine M. – CPA, CMA

One year ago, I dreamt of having a CMA Certification. Up until now, I could still vividly remember how God brought me to the finish line of my CMA journey. Who would have thought that an average student can turn into something worth being proud of?

I heard of this certification through a friend (Ate MJ Gaces, Hi!), a fellow Thomasian, who took and passed her CPA and CMA Exam in the same year. Upon seeing her, I told myself, “If others can, then who in the world would say that I can’t?”

An opportunity came for us BSMA students to be included in the Elite Batch for CMA review. It was still uncertain for me to be included because they were prioritizing the first three blocks in our batch and I was on the 4th. I steadfastly prayed for a slot and luckily the odds favored me; I eventually got my application form filled up.

I came to my parents to tell about my big leap to take that certification. They had no second thoughts about my decision and were very supportive of my plans, though it would entail a lot of money. They must be really confident that I could pass the 2-part exam.

Every CMA journey is a commitment. It was never an easy task for me and my other batchmates to juggle the demands of our undergrad courses and reviews. I had to cut all my commitments during weekends.

Knowing I had to lessen some of my family time and church activities is really a sacrifice. But my dream to become a CMA is on season. I had to tell myself that there’s a time for everything and I have to prioritize my review during weekends. Knowing that it was also a crucial year for us (because we were graduating), left me thinking if I could really balance all my commitments. But those thoughts of mine were just like mists and were yet replaced by positivity.

I could still remember all my efforts just to have my passport granted (Passport as the popularly accepted valid ID for the Prometric testing center) before my part 2 exam. I had a quiz the same day when I went to the province to process my police, NBI clearance and other requirements that I needed to process my passport. It was very exhausting to travel back and forth early the same day knowing I had to take a quiz in the afternoon.

Another tiresome moment was my appearance for my passport coincided with my accounting quiz. Those were the moments when I felt like giving up because I didn’t know anymore what to prioritize. I was facing a lot of constraints back then. But I still pushed through and things just fell into its proper places. All things worked together for my good.

December came, what a great time to be with your loved ones. But no, discipline is a must and the review was still on. And the exam date was nearly approaching. And yet, I was still in complacency. I participated the test drills and weekend reviews diligently but I was not scoring as high as the others. Maybe it was because I was half-hearted back then and not giving my 100%.

Sir Angel advised me to have my exam rescheduled. I’m thankful for the full support of Insights Financial Review Services for they were there to assess my readiness for the exam. I trusted them because I knew that they just wanted what’s best for me. And so I did. I doubled my effort during January and February 2016 exam window.

I took my Part 2 exam on the 28th of February and got my result on April. I could still remember how I jumped up my chair upon knowing the results. It was really an answered prayer for me, my family, friends and church-mates.

It didn’t stop there. Finally, I graduated last June. And there came my Part 1 exam the same month.

Everything just fell apart. I didn’t pass! You really cannot know the pain of failing unless you’ve experienced it first-hand. No comforting words could heal the pain of failing. I could not help but cry that night. There’s no one that I could blame for that failure except myself. I was praying and crying hard assessing myself where it had gone wrong.

Another dilemma for me was how I would tell my parents that the baby girl they were rooting for didn’t pass. But I had my God who was there all the way. And so I told my parents together with my comeback plan to have it rescheduled right away sometime in October. I wanted them to know that I’m still determined of what I am dreaming of, and that is to get that CMA certification before the year ends.

I gained again the drive and motivation to get going because of that setback. If I redeemed myself once, I could make it twice.

Currently I’m pursuing my BSA degree and to juggle again the review for my retake is a challenge yet not anymore new for me. So I did what was required of me. I didn’t just double the effort. I tripled it. I answered thousands of questions, read all the materials and focused on the essay. I did everything that I haven’t done before during my past reviews. I cleared my mind of complacency. I decided to devote again my weekends to have my self-review. I could not afford to lose this chance anymore, that’s what I kept on saying to myself. A lot of money, time and effort would be in vain again if I won’t give my 100% on this.

October came, exams taken, on to the waiting game. Finally, what I have been waiting for was not in vain.

I passed my Part 1 retake exam!

My prayers had been answered again. Three-letter word next to my name finally became real. It was all because of the twists and turns of my CMA journey that led to its end goal.

Sometimes, in order for us to get the sweet fruits of our labor, we have to reap first the bitter ones. Those bitter ones that will push us to wait a little longer–a little longer that will help us learn the value of true success.

I will never be ashamed of my failures, because every good dish has its spices and so is success! Lastly, be grateful for the people who help you along the way to finish the journey. May it be your friend, classmate, professor, reviewer and especially to God.

Can’t wait to hear your own CMA journey. Start dreaming. Start with Insights!

About the Author:

Jane Janine M. Caringal is a B.S. in Management Accounting graduate of the University of Santo Tomas in June, 2016. She is currently a B.S. in Accountancy student of the La Consolacion College Manila, expecting to graduate and take the CPA licensure examination this year.