Gasat – My CMA Story

Rvee1I wanted to become CMA.

This is my story.

The journey had been tough but satisfying and in hindsight I realize how blessed I have been in so many ways than I can imagine. I am thankful everyday.

I wanted advancement and it wasn’t by chance that I took the CMA exams. It was a conscious and deliberate choice. So much so that after the research I had done on the certification process, I only had to select whom I wanted to share the experience with.

I remember the first day I messaged sir Angel. The numerous questions and conversations. All of my queries and requests so generously answered.

I aim to continuously better myself, who doesn’t? Wanted to excel. I wanted to confirm what I thought I knew and that taking the exams would be the validation.

Taking the exams is easy. You just have to be on attendance. Sit on a chair and finish the exam. But, the preparation has always proved to be difficult. The road to success isn’t overkilled with signs that tell you how to do studying right. It does not spell out how you are supposed to do stuff. It just shows you your options. All of these choices are yours alone. So that when you sit on that chair, you can whisper to yourself, ‘I am ready.’

My preparation for the exams wasn’t at the best of conditions. I am working two jobs. I am an accountant in one of the agencies of the government and I am teaching at the university.

I took the exams each with a 4 month interval. Working like a mad woman. Reading. Practicing from all resources I could find and use, from audio books, textbooks, online resources even old notes from the undergraduate program. There were no weekends. Only precious 30 minute breaks.

I wanted to be sure.

I did not want excuses.

Between reports, preparing exams and lectures and reviewing, I hardly had time for sleep. When I doubted, I reminded myself I can always sleep after the work is done.

Everything seemed to be rushing in all at once. But what are we to do with limited resources? Maximize. Think, trade-off.

I took the second part of the exams on October 2015. While on commute towards home, I received a message from sir Angel asking how the exams went for me. I said ‘better’. I felt better taking the exam. To which he replied ‘alam na.’ At that moment, I realized, this person has not met me. Not once and yet believed I could. For that trust, I am thankful. In its simplicity, another moral. Have faith.

I didn’t expect the preparation to be easy. I knew it would difficult if I didn’t plan well ahead. As the adage goes, perseverance with a plan beats a genius without one. So plan I did. I kept a schedule of what I needed to do everyday, by the hour. To ensure that I did not miss any of my work responsibilities. It sure looked like cramming 42 hours’ worth of work into just 24.

Like some people, I had encountered my own brick wall. The kind I cannot allow myself to turn my back on. I did not want to let anybody down. I did not want to let me down. This was make or break. A choice between moving forward or giving in. What I proved? That brick wall, after all, did not withstand encouragement, inspiration and discipline.

Most of all, it couldn’t withstand prayer. I prayed to be guided. To be given the strength to overcome. Perhaps it is His way of saying, ‘It is your time.’ To God be all the glory indeed!

We have all gone through different challenges life. For this challenge, I daresay, well met.

At this juncture, I would like to thank sir Angel, the professors and staff of Insights for the brilliant support throughout the review program.

To my mentor, sir Rhad, for continually taking the time and having the patience to accommodate an old student. I cannot thank you enough. I want you to know that part of my confidence during preparation was because you taught me. I had one of the best professors at ground zero. I will always hold high the torch!

To my family.

To my friends.

You have all been significant partners in my journey.

I smile as I look back. It had been one tough but sweet ride. What’s more satisfying is coming out armed with the knowledge that you had done good. This may look like a finish line to some. I’d like to think the road is just panning out.

Today, as I recall everything that had influenced and that had been instrumental to this achievement, I realize that indeed, the time has come.

All the world will conspire to make all your dreams come true.

And conspire it did.

Today, gasat (destiny) has unfolded. I have become Pinoy CMA.


About the Author:  Arvee Gaye Trinidad is a BS in Accountancy graduate from the University of the Cordilleras in 2004. A CPA who passed the Philippine CPA examination in 2004, she has recently pursued and completed her Master’s degree, after which she registered to the CMA Program to earn a globally recognized title. Rv is an Accountant at the Cooperative Development Authority and a part-time lecturer at the University of the Cordilleras and Saint Louis University in Baguio.

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