My Journey to Becoming a CMA
Samantha Joyce Corpin – CPA, CMA

Having been an officer of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) of our school, Chiang Kai Shek College in my fourth year, I had the chance to share ideas as to what activities we could have in the entire year. Since I wanted to lengthen my name with acronyms besides CPA someday, I suggested seminars concentrating on other career opportunities. One of these is the CMA (Certified Management Accountant).

We contacted Sir Edison Chu, a cousin of my classmate, who was an officer of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) Philippine Chapter then. August 22, 2015 had been settled as the day of our seminar.

I really thought that once the seminar ended, we will all just move on and continue with things we were doing before. But when the seminar nearly ended, Sir Angel Secerio Jr., one of the guest speakers, gave an extremely encouraging offer for fourth year students wherein students will only pay the CMA program fees once they pass the examination. Because of the excellent offer, three of my classmates and I joined. However, because of fear (of failure), huge investment fee involved and other circumstances, we all backed out.

After a few days, a message from Sir Angel appeared on my Facebook chat box telling that if I want to, I could be a full scholar to be sponsored by Insights. I told my classmates about it and one of them reaccepted the “Pass Now, Pay Later” offer. However, even before the review started and after we got registered to IMA, we once again almost quit fearing that we might fail and disappoint ourselves, our loved ones, and Insights. Fortunately, we are blessed to have our IMA mentors and college professors for continually encouraging us to continue on, not letting us to give up even before the battle begins.

As part of our exam strategy we had taken CMA Part 2 examination first. Our journey to pass this first exam was never easy. We were still studying in college during that time, and our classes were scheduled from Monday to Saturday; we got only Sunday as our rest day. Joining the CMA review had taken even this day away from us, but for good reason. I thought that it could be so exhausting but since our reviewers were motivating, we just enjoyed our review. Furthermore, it was just a little sacrifice for us to make it.

When my examination got nearer and nearer, I was always saying to myself that I can’t fail. I once failed from a college entrance examination and it really lowered my self-esteem. It was one of the events in my life that stocked into my mind and it wasn’t good. Hence, I really made myself try hard to pass.

My Part 2 examination had been scheduled to January 7, 2016, but because of fear and unpreparedness, we rescheduled our exam to the last day available, February 24th of the same year.

When the day of the examination came, something even happened. My companion and I had agreed to meet at a specific place but since I came early, I went somewhere near to eat first. I was expecting for her to text me but no message from her popped out. I was texting and calling her but there were no replies. An hour before the examination I called her parents and was told that she already left. I grabbed a taxi after and I was literally crying inside because I felt like I was left by. I also thought I would be late and not be admitted. Good thing I was able to make it.

The result had been released on the 6th day of the month of April. It was already 11:00 o’clock in the evening when my classmate called and told me that she passed. Nervousness ran through my blood immediately as only two of us from our school joined the battle and it’s a shame if I failed and she passed. Gratefully, a positive result had been sent to my email.

Reviewing for Part 1 examination has been tougher since we were simultaneously reviewing for CPA licensure examination. I already got confused what to review first. Not reviewing even for a day for the CPA examination was already a big thing. However, realizing that CMA title was an international one and my examination for it would come first, having been scheduled on June 23rd, my time had been mostly spent reviewing for it during May and June. Luckily, no more dramatic scenes happened on my examination day. The result had been released in August and I was really thankful when I was told that I did it despite the difficulties.

Fears, doubts and difficulties came into my way during the CMA review and examination, but I continued anyway. While I’m writing this, I have realized that our only opponent towards success is us, ourselves. As what Paulo Coelho said in his book The Alchemist, even the universe conspires in helping us to achieve our goals but we ourselves block the opportunities to win. Success is a fruit of good attitudes, and being fearful is not one of those.

Our future relies on what we do today so we should not waste our time doubting. We have to believe and do our best rather.

About the Author:  

Samantha Joyce Corpin is a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy cum laude graduate from Chiang Kai Shek College last April, 2016. She is the eldest daughter of her elementary teacher mom and policeman dad.  She passed the CMA examination this year and is incessantly hoping to pass the CPA examination this Oct’16. She plans to work with the Big 4 firm and pursue multiple certifications in the future.