Pay It Forward!

Keep Calm and Pay It ForwardPay it forward. Three simple words but when joined together becomes powerful enough to affect change. The philosophy behind this phrase states that when someone does something good for you, you have to do something good for someone else in return. To simply describe the concept, it is like the kid’s game called “Tag”. If you know the rules of this game, then you already have a basic understanding of how “pay it forward” works.

Tag is a simple game that requires the “it” player to chase another player. The game can continue indefinitely that’s why others have modified the rules of the game over the years. Hence, pay it forward is like playing a modified version of tag. When you receive a favor or experience something good out of someone else’s generosity, you are tagged. Note that you cannot tag back the person who tagged you. Instead, you have to do something good for another person. You have to pay it forward.

Now, imagine the great positive effect it can have if everyone commits to doing this. After all, a game of Tag without running is Tag made easier, right?

Businesses also practice the philosophy of pay it forward. It works to their advantage because it helps them build a better image for their company. It is of basic understanding that a company with a good image is much easier to trust. That is primarily why many companies nowadays, big or small, have already appreciated the good effects of getting involved in charity works and events. Besides being less costly, a positive publicity is proven more effective than millions-worth of advertisements.

As a natural response of any consumer, they always choose the services of a company they find trustworthy. Take for example a dry cleaning shop in Wichita, Kansas known as “In the Bag Cleaners”. Recently, they started offering free dry clean services for unemployed individuals who need their outfit for a job interview cleaned. It is a kind of charitable work that even employed individuals can and will appreciate.  Dave Coyle, the owner of the shop, is undeniably aware of the needs of the people in his community. Needless to say, this level of awareness worked both ways for him and his clients. No wonder Mr. Coyle’s shop has been operating for more than a decade already in different parts of Wichita. His company sees clients as partners in business and not as a walking dollar waiting to be placed in their cash register. Wouldn’t you be proud to be a part of this kind of company? A business like this dry clean shop is a blessing to any community.

The use of pay it forward philosophy in businesses is not limited to the purpose of generating income. It can also be observed in a working environment. If an owner or a team leader encourages his subordinates to spread goodness around, a positive environment follows thus creating a positive energy in the workplace.

Be it small or big, efforts to pay it forward always count. Even if you decide to just hold the door open for the person behind you, or if you just give a compliment to a colleague, you can make a difference because we all need a reason to smile once in a while, right?

Imagine if you are to receive a good deed from someone, wouldn’t that make you feel good?

Pay it forward empowers us with the realization that we can affect change whether or not it requires money or a great amount of effort from us. Believe that the good we do to others, we also do to ourselves. So go out, wish someone a good day, or simply smile to a stranger and believe that your little good deed will spread into multiple folds.

Tag or be tagged. Either way, pay it forward!

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