Road to Progress
Bettina Cheng – CPA, CMA

After college, I really wanted to study further for the progression of my career. I had few options in mind but I decided to get the CMA certification since this is the one that will greatly contribute to my interest in the field of financial planning. My problem then was I didn’t know where to apply and review for the exam. Luckily I have a friend from UST who knows Insights so we applied together.

When I decided to go for the CMA exam, I knew it’s going to be challenging to balance work and the CMA exam. I didn’t want my work to suffer but at the same time I wanted to do well in the exam. I had a hard time adjusting my daily habits and weekend schedule to review. I barely had the opportunity to study during weekdays because it is difficult for me to wake up very early in the morning. Studying in the evening didn’t work out for me as well because I would be very exhausted from work. To compensate for this, I had to study all day during weekends. Sometimes, I even had to miss going out with family and friends. I thought these were just small sacrifices that must be made to have bigger returns in the future.  There were multiple times that I felt frustrated because I wasn’t able to follow my review schedule, but I decided that there’s no use worrying over it and just remained positive and made the best use of the time left.

Thankfully, after several months of studying, I passed the two-part exam and now I can proudly say that I am a CMA. I am really thankful to Insights Financial Review Services for providing what we needed to be successful in our exam, and to Sir Angel for continuously checking on me while I was reviewing.

Preparing for the exam was all worth it. With the knowledge and opportunities I’ve gained because of CMA, my goal to progress further in my career was met.

About the Author: 

Bettina Cheng graduated from DLSU-Manila and is pursuing a career in finance and corporate planning. She is currently working in Federal Land as a budget and finance officer.