What Do Companies Look For In Accountants?

view of a team of business executives sitting at a tableAccountants are usually associated with number crunchers who spend their days at their desks buried under piles of paperwork and endless numbers. Naturally, companies that hire accountants require serious skill and knowledge. But it takes a lot more than that to become the kind of accountant that companies are looking for.

Some people automatically assume that all it takes to impress accounting firms and various other companies is a high CPA exam score. While that is certainly a plus, companies are looking for a lot more than technical skill and knowledge. Nowadays, companies are realizing that their businesses involve dealing with people and they should be more like consultants who are able to deal with a wide range of clients. Basically, companies are looking for accountants who have a different set of skills, such as the following:

1. Good ethics. As an accountant, you have to keep certain issues confidential. Companies want their clients to trust them, and you should exemplify that. You may also be expected to face ethical dilemmas every now and then, and your response to such incidents should be one of professionalism and trustworthiness.

2. Ability to learn and adapt. The field of finance and accounting is changing, and you should be able to keep up with such changes, stay on top of trends in your field, and learn new things so you can bring something different to the table for your clients and for the company you work for.

3. A positive, pleasant personality. You may need to deal with clients directly. As accountants can make some people wary, you have to show interest in your client and be able to discuss things easily and in a way that they can easily grasp. You’re one of the faces of the company, in fact.

4. Detail-orientedness. Accounting involves numerous details, and you need a good eye for detail to make sure that every detail adds up and there are no discrepancies.

5. Motivation and enthusiasm. You have to be passionate about the industry. This paves the way towards something even higher for your career as an accountant.