The Highway To CMA Is Open Now

Yeeun Kim 1Before I come to the CMA story, I like to introduce myself briefly. I am Kim Yeeun, (April is my English name.) from Korea. I studied and graduated from the De La Salle University – Dasmarinas in the Philippines.  I studied here in the Philippines, simply because of my father’s mission here. But I realized that it was not just his mission, but also my mission from God.

My CMA story starts from the time I decided to study the major management accounting. I searched the certificates during my first year college, 2013, and learned about the CMA. Yet it seemed unrealistic, because its estimated cost was too high and the bloggers wrote that I need to take it in U.S. So I just prayed to God to give me the chance for the CMA even after working for some years.

But surprisingly God gave me the chance much earlier than I expected. My professors introduced about the CMA and the Insights when I was a graduating student. I thanked God about it and started reviewing as I graduated from the college.

At Insights, I was given a lot of materials to practice. At the first time I received the books, I was so excited to study for the CMA. But as time went, I felt bored for the repeated questions and the lengthy lecture book. I tried to study with the Hock lecture book and every detail in the book. I tried to prepare myself to be able to answer every question, especially the essay questions. I memorized the terms, the definition and the formulas if needed and, for problem solving, I continued to practice solving for the questions which I was used to make mistakes. Also I made my own notes and summarized the Hock material and added some information from Gleim and Wiley during problem-solving. My weak point was the theory, so I focused more on theory. Then after 2-month of reviewing, the time for first exam (I took Part 2 first) came. For the one-week before the exam, I was too nervous to do or think other things; I only thought and prayed about the exam. I felt like I know nothing. I read and read, practice the essays during the one-week.

I thank God for the wisdom and knowledge He provided during the exam. I actually finished the multiple choice questions for 2-hour only and reviewed all the questions for 30-minutes, then proceeded to the essay questions. The time was enough for me, since I practiced solving problems for averaged 1-minute per question.

After the first exam, I started reviewing for the other part while waiting for the result. I did not change my studying style. I still tried to practice problem solving and made my own notes, memorized the theories. This studying style helped me to finish the multiple questions in both parts for 2-hour and to review the questions for 30-minute, to allot the time 1 and half hour for the essay questions.

For the result, I passed both parts with the scores above 400. I like to give the advices the future CMAs in preparation. First, you need to try the multiple questions as many as possible (target the time allotted for each question to 1 to 2 minutes only) and know your weak point. And focus on the weak parts. And you should not just read the essay questions and answers, but tried by yourself even if you already read the answer. You should practice writing in your words. Though the materials are lengthy, (you may feel bored) still continue reading. You do not know everything yet. Never assume you already perfectly master the part. You should estimate at least 10% chance you would not get the right answer.

Actually these tips are all from the Insights facility. The Insight can provide you all the proper mentoring and guide you into a short-cut way for the exam, yet you need to walk it yourself. Do your best above all for God’s glory, and yourself.

Last tip for the future CMAs: Pray before reviewing, studying, and taking the actual exam. Trust God for He is good to you, providing whatever you ask in His name. May God be glorified through this humble accomplishment.

Lastly, I would like to thank God for the chance and the help to finish these exams. And I also thank all the professors of my beloved alma mater, De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. Lastly, thanks to the Insights Team for their full support during and after the exams.

The highway to CMA is open now. You just need to go through it.

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