The Journey That Wasn’t A Thousand Miles After All

Some peopleroad in mountains need something that will inspire them before they commit to doing something worthwhile for their own careers and professional advancement. Others choose and look up to their study buddies, intending to draw strength among themselves as they take on the challenges they will face in preparing for an exam. To the uncommon few, they go forth chasing their dreams with full dedication and might, willing to sacrifice everything, whatever it takes.


Whatever the cost, they pursue their dreams wherever they take them.

Like you, I had always aspired to bring out the very best in me. Way back then, I had always been fascinated by people that bear either a prefix or suffix attached to their names. Come to think of it, these enviable men and women are just normal people, like you and me, who dreamed, and persevered.

I first heard about the Certified Management Accountant’s (CMA) title in December 2009 from a colleague and friend at PICPA. I immediately fell in love as soon as I browsed the CMA program, which aims to administer a certification designed to validate competence and practical skills of accountants and finance professionals employed by today’s dynamic business entities.

It was only in late January 2010 that I have registered for membership at the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and, at that same moment, also have registered to sit for the first batch of the then-New 2-Part CMA examination in June, 2010.

The study and exam preparation phase was grueling and tension-filled each day as I was also providing free live lectures to then aspiring Filipino CPA candidates (most of whom are now CPAs) for their own Special Middle East Philippine CPA exams back in December 2010. The odds and daunting challenge did not make me change my mind and, despite urges from within to procrastinate, I headed straight to achieving my goal.

With Mighty God’s help in sustaining me of wisdom and strength I was able to pass both parts in the same testing window in June, 2010.

I was privileged to have known several candidates of different nationalities who had contacted me through the IMA portal, LinkUpIMA, who had asked me for advice if they should continue despite failing 3-4 times (one of them even failed 9 times trying to pass Part 1).

Indeed, earning the prestigious CMA title may mean travelling a thousand miles to some. There’s that rather insurmountable-looking criteria right there. But, unless and until you take that one big step, if you stay daunted at the fear of failing without giving it a shot, if you continue to focus your mind on hindrances and excuses which keep you away from achieving your dream, that distance between your dream and where you are now will stay a thousand miles away.

There is no secret formula to earning any gold standard international certification. No shortcuts either. People who successfully complete the U.S. CMA program and earn the illustrious CMA title undergo rigorous examination to assess the practitioners’ skills and knowledge that qualified management accountants must possess in guiding top management as they make important business decisions.

To those aspiring to become one, how long have you been holding back? How much longer would you wait ‘til you take that leap of faith that you, too, can “live the dream”? Need some help in understanding things about the CMA Program and on how this could add value to your professional career?

Let the Insights team of experts guide you on how you can finally unlock your full potential. Empower yourself from this year onward by choosing to believe.

For all you know, your journey may turn out to be far less than a thousand miles after all!

About the Author: Angel V. Secerio, Jr. is both a U.S. and Philippine Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. He is the managing director of Insights Financial Review Services and, concurrently, a director of Pamana Transport Services, a public bus transport service company in the Philippines. He also serves as the founding president of the Institute of Management Accountants-Philippines Chapter and a fierce advocate of pushing international accounting certification credentials to the Filipino accounting community.

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