Thumbs Up!

Grad pic_Jan Michael GeneralDifferent people have different goals, accomplishments, disappointments, and circumstances. But for several days now for most of my classmates, we celebrate one thing in common, OUR VICTORY in the CMA exams – the dream, the journey, and the realization.

Looking back, I could still clearly see, hear, and feel what transpired in our battle against the giant and the loud throes of the people who were behind our backs, pushing us to go further to show the best of us as we conquer. The efforts and sacrifices we made were not for nothing as we graciously accomplished something that would give us recognition not just here, but around the world.

I entered the CMA Program and took the examinations because I wanted to have the competitive edge of having those three letters after my name. So right off the bat to make use of the student rate, me and my parents discussed about the CMA credential and registered for the program right after. During the CMA review, I felt nervous because I had no confidence in myself that I would pass, so I drilled myself reading the materials and answering the questionnaires. I realized then that I really had to focus, sacrifice time, and endure sleepless nights. I made friends with coffee and energy drinks again, but even with all that, I still felt the pressure. What eased my weariness were words from our instructors and lots and lots of prayers. I told myself that negativity won’t help CMA candidates pass these tough exams. The only choice was to be positive and have confidence with our knowledge, our efforts, and with the materials provided to us by Insights.

I took the Part 2 exam last June and Part 1 last September. It was August when the results from the May – June testing window was released. I passed and, modesty aside, earned the highest score among the Insights CMA candidates who took the June exam. It was very uplifting and scary at the same time. Uplifting because passing one part was something to celebrate, and scary because the next part was drawing closer and I did not know whether I would pass the CMA exams on my first try or not. 4 o’clock in the morning of November 12, I woke up to see the results… I PASSED!!! I was speechless with the blessing so I just went to my parents’ room and gave them big thumbs up plus a grin on my face. It was really early but it’s as if it was mid-day because of the energy from the good news. After a while, I suddenly felt the urge to sleep. That day I slept my most peaceful sleep in months!

The exam was hard, and to prepare for it you need to work harder. But now that I cleared it, it was definitely worth it!  Waking up early to read and answer materials, staying up late to review for the coming assessment, and preparing ourselves before attending class lectures. Now, I am finally a true professional fresh out of college with a title to take pride on! I can finally give my deepest gratitude to everyone who gave their unwavering support without reservations. First and foremost, God, whose grace lead our prayers to reality, our school and professors who introduced us to this wonderful opportunity and prepared us well to be triumphant in this journey, the CMA instructors who gave their patience and time to guide us, our batch mates, families and loved ones. Thanks to Insights Financial Review who provided the platform that guided us each step of the way.

I am forever thankful that I can proudly say I belong to a league of excellent accounting professionals. I will wear the seal of excellence, the CMA designation, and use the knowledge and the skills acquired to becoming a formidable asset to the workplace God has destined me to be.

To the next candidates, do your best! Don’t take the exam for granted. Keep up the pace and nail it! God bless us all!


About the Author:  Jan Michael General is a BS in Management Accounting graduate from De La Salle University – Dasmariñas in May, 2015. 

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