Waiting is Over

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The Miami Heat has overcome a 5-point deficit with 28 seconds remaining in the penultimate game 6 last Tuesday to force a sudden death final game. Last Thursday, they have found their rhythm to defeat the mighty veterans of the San Antonio Spurs and clinch the NBA Championship.

Great things come to those who work hard toward attaining their goals.

After almost four months, today marks the dawning of a new beginning insofar as my professional career as an accountant is concerned.

I have received this morning a notification from NASBA confirming, finally, that my application for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Colorado has passed quality control. I am now a CPA authorized to practice public accounting by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy.

I’m not sure whether other international candidates have undergone this long process, but I am ecstatic just the same that the waiting has finally reached a halt.

A big part of the waiting time, almost 2 months overall, was attributable to my opting to comply with the 1-year work experience requirement via the “Education in lieu of Work Experience” available in the State of Colorado. While abundant of work experience as a management accountant, I have not been privileged to work under the supervision of a licensed CPA. I had to have my academic credentials reevaluated once again, and this time on a course-by-course review in accordance with Rule 2.7 in Colorado State Board of Accountancy.

At age 47, I have now been assigned CPA license no. 31247. Looking back at how the tale of my long and arduous CPA journey has unfolded, I have finally joined the roll of honorable men and women who carry the seal of excellence in the accounting profession.

For all the pain and the sacrifices, the long hours of reading and hitting those MCQs, and for all the downtime not being able to be with my loved ones, number 31247 is gratifying in the truest sense of the word.

Lebron and Wade may have captured another milestone in their professional careers as basketball players, but me being awarded license number 31247 to cap this exciting week? To me the awesome feeling is just beyond compare.

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