Your CMA Passer 2016
Sheena Rogeleen P. Dela Cruz – CMA, CPA

This journey has never been easy. The search for the better future is a really messy track. From the “MagC-CMA ka ba?” Up to “CMA Passer NA KO BES”, it was truly a wonderful Christmas gift for us all.

It all started from being a BSA student to being a BSM student. I never chose that course. I didn’t want to have the same course with my brother but my mom insisted because she believed that I could handle it. The BSM course was actually my 3rd choice for one reason, i.e. I thought that it would be easier than taking the BSA course.

And so my BSA journey began. Things were going pretty well, at first, until I’ve reached the first semester of my second year, Partnership and Corporation, hindi kinaya ng powers ko. But still, I prayed and prayed, I was hoping that I can pass this subject. Kahit sabit lang sana, but no. My grade was not good enough in order for me to continue the BSA course. The Accountancy Department suggested that I transfer to BSM instead. I thought then that I was a failure; I failed my father’s expectation. I failed. I told myself that “sabi ko na e, dapat di na ko nag-BSA, di talaga pwedeng dalawa kami ni kuya na BSA” but hey, life goes on. Go lang ng go. So I transferred to BSM. Fourth year first semester and still a BSM student, we received great news from my brother, he earned his academic achievement with IMA’s Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award, besting all student candidates from around the globe. I saw how my parents reacted with the good news; they were filled with joy. I was also overjoyed but worried at the same time. He’s a CPA and a CMA as well. I was worried that, what if history repeats itself? What if this is a BSA to BSM all over again? I can’t take another heartbreaking event. I don’t want to. I just can’t. But no, I wasn’t competing with my brother neither anyone around me. My brother was one of the reasons why I took this certification exam. He made me believe that this certification title is for me. He gave me tips and notes to review. I was actually competing with myself. I’m competing with someone who doesn’t believe in herself, who doesn’t know her capabilities, who doesn’t want to push herself beyond the limits, I was competing with the weak, incapable, and coward Sheena. Maybe it’s time for me to believe in myself. I need to prove something, I need to prove that I can do this. I’m not a failure. I’m a dreamer and an achiever as well. We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. And I accepted the CMA challenge together with my friends. We want to prove that we’re not just BSM. WE ARE PROUD OF BEING BSM STUDENTS. As Sir Angel said to me “You are on the right path. Do not waver. This title is for you. BSM equals CMA, PERIOD.”

We can now breathe again, we already passed the exam. Thanks to everyone who supported our dreams. Our review course provider, Insights Financial Review Center; to our alma mater, the De La Salle University of Dasmarinas, our beloved professors in Accountancy Department, my friends; and my mother who never gets tired of hearing my complaints and problems while taking my CMA review; my father who supported my needs and wants for this review; my brother who reminded me that there’s no time to slack off, I should do something today that my future self will thank me for; Sir Angel who pushed me beyond my limits and inspired us to pursue things that we thought at first were impossible to achieve. They are the reason behind this achievement. And of course GOD, we are here because of you. For the aspiring CMA’s, don’t be afraid to take a big step forward. Push yourself, believe in yourself. Know that there is something in you that is greater than any challenges.

“Kaya mga kapwa ko achievers at mga aspiring CMA passers, muli, Ako po si Sheena Rogeleen P. Dela Cruz, your CMA Passer 2016.”

About the Author: 

Sheena Rogeleen P. Dela Cruz, CMA Passer is a Bachelor of Science Major in Management Accounting graduate of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas. She passed the two CMA exams last year (2016) and is currently working as Internal Auditor in Ronar General Contractor.